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Homepage 45 min Sauna on Skis or Sauna on Wheels
  December 2017  
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Order a private movable sauna wherever you are

You can get a sauna on a frozen lake, in the front of your apartment, right next to your cottage. Or even in the middle of wilderness if you stay at our Aurora wagon!

Sauna is simply a necessity for Finns. Apukka Resort offers special and exotic sauna experiences - which even only few Finns have ever tried. How would it sound to go to a sauna on skis or try an ice sauna?

The sauna feels great after a day outdoors. Sauna relaxes muscles and helps blood circulation. In Apukka Resort you can order a sauna directly to your front door. In the summer sauna comes on wheels, in winter on skis – you can have your sauna even in the middle of the wilderness next to an Aurora Wagon.
What could be more exotic than stepping out of the steam of the sauna outside under the northern lights?

The Sauna on Skis is an additional service for guests staying in
Apukka Resort or Aurora Wagon. If you are not staying in our resort but still want to try Sauna on Skis, please contact us!
Duration starting from 45 min
Bookable between 10.00–00.00 from reception, phone +35844 9793564
2-4 persons (Private)
Price: 129 EUR

Please note: An optional transfer from the centre of Rovaniemi is not included in this price. The exact pick up place and time can be inquired via e mail.

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